No Power? No Problem!

Find the best battery storage system in Chico, Red Bluff, & Yuba City Today!

Here at Phoenix Solar Energy we can get you what you need. There are a wide variety of solar batteries that are on the market currently. If you are interested in learning more, here are two batteries that are bound to keep you charged.


LG’s lithium ion RESU battery is a home energy storage solution that can be paired with most solar panel systems. According to the company, the RESU can be used both to maximize consumption of solar energy at home, rather than sending it back to the grid, and also functions as a source of backup power in the event that the grid goes down. However, while the RESU has some backup power capabilities, it isn’t designed for off-grid use.

The LG Chem RESU RESU10H battery storage system has a usable capacity of 9.3 kWh giving you the boost you need to make it through those mild power outages. To learn more about the LG Chem solar battery’s cost, technology, and warranty coverage please contact us today at (530) 433-0339 or visit one of our offices in Chico, Red Bluff, Yuba City, and Sacramento CA

SonnenBatterie Smart Energy Storage

The sonnenBatterie is not just a battery, it's an intelligent battery storage system that automatically adjusts the energy usage in your household. In combination with solar panels the sonnenBatterie will empower you to supply yourself with clean energy – thus making you autonomous and protecting you from energy price hikes. The sonnenBatterie is a great choice for a variety of reasons:

Long Lasting

With a minimum lifespan of 10,000 charging-cycles ensuring a constant supply of clean energy for years to come


Exclusively using lithium iron phosphate - the safest lithium battery technology available!


With a very competitive purchase price and short payback period

To learn more about batter storage, contact Phoenix Solar Energy at (530) 433-0339. We have offices conveniently located in Chico, Red Bluff, Yuba City, Sacramento CA and service all of Northern California.